Custom Aquarium Design

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Custom Aquarium Design

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Custom aquarium design can be a significant investment of both time and money, and choosing the right company to partner with you is important.

Before you select a vendor to perform your custom aquarium design, we encourage you to consider the following:
• Space – Think about the location of the aquarium and what you hope it will bring to the space. Consider size, dimensions, shape, and other elements.

• Animals – Think about the types of fish and other animals that you would like to see in your aquarium, as that will help determine shape, size, substrate and other related options.

• Budget – Think about the budget for the project given the space and types of animals you would like to house. Be clear with the vendors so they understand how much money they have to work with.

• Research – Once you have some initial ideas about what you like, research vendors experienced in custom aquarium design to find those who specialize in the type of aquarium in which you are most interested. Be sure they are bonded and insured to protect you.

• Check Them Out – After you have found a few vendors who meet your requirements, check out their work. Peruse their websites, visit the store or showroom if they have one, talk with or visit current and past clients to see their designs up close, and hear about personal experiences.

• Interview – Ask for a consultation to discuss your project. Listen to their thoughts, ideas, suggestions, and feedback.

• Get an Estimate – Ask for a complete written proposal and estimate that details the cost of materials and labor, timeframe for completion, and includes terms and conditions such as payment schedule, refunds, guarantees and the like.

• Compare and Choose – Once you’ve done your homework, compare proposals and pricing and select the custom aquarium design professional that best meets your needs and goals for the project

Because of the impurities and additives found in the public water supply, we only use our own water manufactured on site at our head-quarters. We own a 600 gallon capacity per day HEATED Reverse Osmosis system. All water is premixed with Reef Crystals premium salt and transported to your place of business or home in seven gallon buckets. We are bonded and certificate Insured to work in all commercial buildings in the Greater Milwaukee Area. We employ two commercial grade work trucks to meet all your needs. Tank-You Aquariums owns over $20,000 in freshwater and marine display decor and plants providing you with available weekly display changes.

Tank-You blends over a dozen different frozen foods together providing the best fish health diet in town including: Formula I and II, Spirulina, seaweed, clam, silversides, krill, plankton, mysis and brine shrimp, Selcon Vitamin and garlic. The food is prepared in daily rations per size of and type of livestock in individual sandwich baggies. The baggies are bundled and left in our clients' freezers each maintenance visit so all our clients have to do is feed the fish - Sit back and ENJOY!

We have worked with several builders and general contractors in the Milwaukee area to create custom aquarium design projects. We have also been featured in the Parade of Homes and have provided a model aquarium for a Westridge Builders Model home.

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