Aquarium Maintenance

At Tank-You Aquariums & Maintenance we take the "um" out of aquarium.
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Aquarium Maintenance

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Although the idea of owning a big, beautiful fresh or salt water aquarium sounds appealing to many people, the thought of learning how to care for it, choosing animals that will thrive in the specific environment, and keeping it sparkling clean can be overwhelming. At Tank-You Aquariums & Maintenance, we take the “um” out of aquarium by handling the care, cleaning and other aquarium maintenance tasks for you, so all you have to do is enjoy your beautiful and peaceful fish tank!

Although all quality fish tanks include filtration and oxygenation, aquariums still require regular maintenance to keep their environment healthy. Waste from the fish and other animals as well as uneaten food, plant matter and decaying fish can all diminish the water quality and can become dangerous for your animals.

A regular maintenance program will ensure that the water quality is high and that the tank has the proper balance of beneficial bacteria and other elements of a successful aquarium to create the most favorable environment for your fish to thrive.

We offer the following maintenance packages:
• Monthly Freshwater Maintenance (no guaranty on fish) prices begin at $65 per visit

• Freshwater maintenance visits every three weeks (no guaranty on fish) prices begin at $65 per visit

• Bi-monthly freshwater maintenance (guaranty on fish included most species) prices begin at $140 per month

• Freshwater and Marine Maintenance by appointment. We require a Credit Card Payment (Square Reader Accepting All Major CC over the phone) in advance of service. There is a 24 hour minimum cancellation requirement for future credit. All aquarium relocation appointments must have payment secured in cash or by CC at the time of service.

• Bi-monthly Marine Maintenance (guaranty on puffers, triggers, clowns, damsels and some misc.) prices begin at $180

• Weekly Marine Maintenance (guaranty on some angels, some tangs, puffers, triggers, clowns, damsels and some misc.) prices begin at $300

For our most discriminating customers and acrylic aquarium owners, we offer bi-weekly service packages that guarantee a pristine aquarium that always looks like a window into your underwater world.

All of our aquarium maintenance packages include all of the necessary pieces, parts and maintenance supplies, leaving you with nothing to do but feed the fish!

For the best service in the Milwaukee, WI area, let Tank-You Aquariums & Maintenance take the “um” out of aquarium maintenance by handling the dirty work for you!