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About Us

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It all began in 1982. I received my very own 40 gallon aquarium as a birthday gift. The aquarium was left entirely in my charge which was a pretty big task for a ten year old! My fish tank and weekly trips to the local aquarium retailer led to a passion that exists to this day. By 1991 I owned four aquariums at College and two more at my parent's home and helped other students at UW Whitewater maintain their aquariums as well. These were all freshwater environments at the time, but the marine displays at the local fish stores would mesmerize and entice me. As the saltwater formulas improved, so did the shipping methods used by distributors in the marine fish trade.

In 1997 I gambled and invested in my first marine system and after losing more than a handful of fish, I determined that I was losing. I picked the brains of just about every local retailer in town and kept hearing the same song and dance. The local retailers did not wish me success or tell me the all the facts about the hobby because sick fish meant more trips to the fish store and more money out of my pocket. I was determined to master the trade so I purchased several books and began doing research on this new thing called the internet. Alas I mastered my first marine aquarium: A beautiful 72-gallon bow front filled with colorful live-rock, a few decorations and a stunning batch of fish including a flame angel, blue hippo-tang and a Harlequin-tusk fish.

After moving to Brookfield in 1999, my hobby now included the 72 bow, a standard 90 gallon, a 75 gallon, a 150 gallon marine ready aquarium and 44 gallon hex. My marine displays located all over the home dazzled my friends and family. I helped several friends maintain their aquariums and finally, my father asked if I could maintain an aquarium for him in his dental office in Waukesha. I installed a beautiful 125 gallon Fish Only With Live-rock or FOWLR tank with hidden canister filters and a UV sterilizer, and a magazine rack with shelving for books and toys. This aquarium sparked the interest of several of my dad's clients and eventually led to my company, Tank-You Aquariums & Maintenance. Fifteen years later, we have become a leader in local aquarium maintenance, won awards including best room in the parade of homes, and helped hundreds of clients create beautiful living art displays. We are so confident in our program, we even guaranty your fish!